Each Critter Pal
is made individually by hand on a scroll saw,
They are painted with acrylics, so they are non-toxic.

Collect All Five and Watch for new Designs Coming Soon.

Only $10.00 each with FREE Shipping

Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Effie Elephant
6.25 in. Long x 5 in. Tall
Blue or Gray

Dumpy Dinosaur
8 in. Long x 4.75 in. Tall
Purple or  Green

Gerry Giraffe
4.25 in. Long x 7.5 in. Tall
Gold or Orange

Prince Pony
6 in. Long x 7 in. Tall
Lavander, Pink,
Blue or brown

Bumbles Bunny
5 in. Long x 6 in. Tall
Pink or Blue